miércoles, 25 de agosto de 2010

A Family Life Between Hospitalizations And Chemotherapy

"Around the world, every year 200,000 children develop cancer. Vibe was one of them.

In June 2007 the five-year-old Danish girl was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Due to the location of the tumor it was not possible to surgically remove it.

Instead, Vibe went through extensive chemotherapy and radiation treatments. In January 2009 Vibe lost the fight against cancer. At the time of her death she was seven years old.

Children get other types of cancer than adults. For example Leukemia is the most common form of cancer with children, while they almost never get lung cancer or breast cancer.

Brain tumors are the most common type of tumors with children. Every year there are around fourty new cases of brain tumors with children in Denmark.

In the developed countries treatment of child cancer has improved a lot during the last decades, but still cancer is one of the main causes of deaths among children, and the surviving children often have significant side-effects due to the treatment.

Vibe’s father Michael used to say that he would catch the stars in the sky for Vibe if she asked him to. Now he tells her sister that Vibe herself has become one of the stars in the sky.

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